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Certified BCS assessors are professionals who accurately score the condition of your herd. These assessors are rigorously tested for accuracy by the calibration team, comprising both DairyNZ staff and external rural professionals like veterinarians and farm consultants. The calibration team ensures consistent scoring across all professionals, meeting regularly to maintain a higher standard of accuracy.

Who is the BSC calibration team?

The BCS calibration team tests the accuracy of certified BCS assessors, ensuring they all score the same throughout New Zealand and regardless of their profession or level of experience.

The calibration team is made up of:

  • Five DairyNZ staff
  • Seven external rural professionals (calibration assessors)
  • A mix of veterinarians and farm consultants.

The calibration team meets six-monthly to check their calibration and to be assessed. The level of accuracy required for the calibration team is set at a higher level than that for a certified assessor.

Find out more about the BCS assessor certification programme here.

Calibration team members

DairyNZ Staff

Olivia Jordan and
Ashleigh Wenham
North Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland
Katie Starsmore South Waikato, Taranaki, Lower North Island
Charissa Thomas North Otago, Canterbury, West Coast, Top of South Island
Position vacant - Charissa Thomas covering South Otago, Southland

Calibration Assessors

Luke Goodin Northland lukegoodin@hotmail.com
Bryce Tod Bay of Plenty brycet@tepukevets.co.nz
Hanneke Officer Waikato bcs@anexa.co.nz
Jemma Johnston Taranaki taranakibcs@gmail.com
Tim Scotland Lower North Island production@srvs.co.nz
Izzy Cassan Canterbury, West Coast, Top of South Island, North Otago izzy@evolutionvets.co.nz
Hamish Moore South Otago, Southland hamishbcs@cluthavets.co.nz

The above lists are for those offering commercial BCS services, there may be other certified assessors who chose not to be listed on this website.  Please contact BCScertification@dairynz.co.nz for more information.

The programme has been developed as part of the Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Partnership programme, led by commercial partners, including DairyNZ and Fonterra, and partnered by MPI.

Find a BSC certified assessor to score your cows

DairyNZ has collated this list of accredited BCS advisors which you can filter by region to find an assessor near you.

Last updated: Aug 2023

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