Design and installation


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Designing and installing a new irrigation system for your farm involves making sure it fits your land, business and water regulations. This page emphasises how a well-planned system can boost the efficient use of water, energy, labour, and money. Remember, new systems are significant investments, so use a 'Blue Tick' accredited operator for help and installation. Consider integrating a soil moisture monitoring system for more effective irrigation scheduling. Always get performance specifications from your supplier when installing a new system or pump; this will serve as a benchmark for future evaluations.

When designing and installing a new irrigation system, it needs to fit your land, business and water restrictions. A well-designed system means efficient use of water, energy, labour and capital.

A new system is a major investment and should be thoroughly researched. Use a ‘Blue Tick’ accredited operator for installation work and advice. A list of accredited companies can be found here.

IrrigationNZ has a range of resources to help in the design and installation of a new irrigation system. When designing a new irrigation system, consider installing a soil moisture monitoring system. This will help with irrigation scheduling and allow you to irrigate efficiently. IrrigationNZ has information on soil moisture monitoring equipment and how to install it. For more information, click here.

When installing a new irrigation system or pump, make sure you get the performance specifications from the supplier which will be a benchmark for future checks and testing.

Last updated: Sep 2023

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