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Workshop sessions Calving Smart events

Calving is the process of a cow giving birth, and it's a critical time in the dairy season. At DairyNZ CalvingSmart workshops dairy farmers and their teams can learn the latest techniques for a successful calving season. With hands-on training and interactive sessions, the workshops cover the signs of calving, handling of newborn calves, teamwork, and creating standards for world-leading animal care. These free workshops aim to ensure a smooth and stress-free calving period, promoting healthy and safe environments for calves and enhancing overall farm routines.

As the dairy season’s busiest time fast approaches, farm teams are encouraged to hone their calving skills at a DairyNZ CalvingSmart workshop, where farm owners and staff will get the latest tips and techniques to set-up for this season’s calving.

Simple preparation will help achieve a smooth and stress-less calving season. Having everyone on the same page supports good farm routines and ultimately means calves get a good start to life.

Workshop sessions

The sessions are practical and interactive, and tailored to experience levels.

The workshops support staff in their first couple of seasons to learn the signs of calving, stages of labour, safe handling of newborn calves, why to feed colostrum, recording births and transporting calves.

Find out how teams work better together to save time and provide good animal care, along with establishing clear standards and processes.

Calving Smart workshops are part of a nationwide series.

The CalvingSmart workshops are free to levy-paying dairy farmers and their staff. 

Calving Smart Events

DairyNZ's Calving Smart is currently being delivered by our subsidiary, Dairy Training limited. Calving Smart workshops are advertised here, where you can register to attend.

Last updated: Aug 2023

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