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FeedRight training is a programme created to educate farmers and rural professionals on dairy cow nutrition and feed management. By participating in this training, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to offer seasonally appropriate, profitable, and sustainable advice on feeding dairy cows. The training includes one e-learning module on Dairy Nutrition Principles and Theory, as well as two 2-day interactive workshops focusing on various lactation periods. This page also provides information on future workshops and how to register your interest to ensure you can secure a place.

Farmers often ask what, when and how to feed their cows. To answer these questions and separate fact from fallacy, the FeedRight programme and training was created.

FeedRight training is aimed at rural professionals and farmers who offer, or plan to offer, feed management or nutrition advice. The training provides participants with the capability and knowledge to provide seasonally appropriate, profitable, and sustainable nutrition and feed management advice to dairy farmers.

What FeedRight training involves

  • One e-learning module and assessment: Dairy Nutrition Principles and Theory
  • Two 2-day interactive training workshops held approximately 6 months apart
    • Workshop 1: Transition Period and Early Lactation
    • Workshop 2: Mid and Late Lactation and Dry Period

What you’ll get from the course

  • Understanding of dairy cow nutrition and feed management in pasture-based systems
  • Knowledge and use of relevant and evidence-based resources and information
  • Capability to help farmers make informed decisions regarding dairy cow management and nutrition.

Next FeedRight training courses

Future FeedRight workshops are currently in planning. Please register your interest using the link below, and when dates and locations have been confirmed, you will be sent a link to secure your place at a specific workshop.

Register your interest here

FeedRight videos

Learn about dairy cow nutrition and feed management in pasture-based systems. Use the FeedRight videos about carbohydrates, protein, fibre and fat in a cow's diet.

The role of fats in dairy cow nutrition

1 / 4 videos 10:04 min

The role of carbohydrates in dairy cow nutrition

2 / 4 videos 10:03 min

The role of protein in dairy cow nutrition

3 / 4 videos 11:40 min

The role of fibre in dairy cow nutrition

4 / 4 videos 7:09 min

FeedRight TechNotes

Last updated: Aug 2023
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