Delivered by DairyNZ experts or our preferred partners, workshops and programmes are designed for all levels and across a variety of topics to grow your skill and knowledge.

Regional teams

Our regional teams work with farmers and their communities to help solve regional issues and build more resilient and competitive farm businesses. They have the technical and scientific information you need to help make your farm system more profitable and sustainable.

Māori engagement & partnership  

DairyNZ is committed to working with Māori farmers and communities. If you’re a farmer seeking support, contact Clinton Hemana - Kaiārahi Ahuwhenua, Māori Agribusiness Specialist, for all other Māori engagement and/or partnership queries, contact Sara Tairi – Kaiakiaki, Māori Development Advisor.

Seasonal group events

Come along to the seasonal group events in your region to discuss issues, hear what other farmers are dealing with, share your experiences and get support.

0800 4 DAIRYNZ

If you’re looking for information or support and don’t where to start, call 0800 4 DAIRYNZ, and our experienced, friendly team will connect you with the right DairyNZ resources or specialist who can help.

Early Response Service

If concerns are raised about the wellbeing of livestock, our team is here to help. We’ll visit the farm to check the welfare of the animals, and the wellbeing of the farmer. If there is a genuine issue, we’ll support the farmer with an action plan and follow up visits.  All calls to our freephone are confidential, 0800 4 324 7969.

Farmer-led groups

Dairy Environment Leaders

DEL is a farmer-led community, supported by DairyNZ. It works to help other farmers in reducing their environmental footprint while pushing for fair and practical environmental policy.

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Climate Change Ambassadors

Climate Change Ambassadors actively work on various initiatives such as enhancing water quality, reducing the environmental footprint of farms, and collaborating at a grass-roots level for improved environmental and farming results.

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