PhD, MSc (Hon 1), BAgrSc

Areas of interest:

  • Reproductive physiology in cattle
  • herd and national dairy cow fertility
  • modelling and economics of dairy cow fertility
  • nutritional influences of cattle fertility
  • developing and extending resources for improved on-farm reproductive performance.

Key accomplishments:

Industry: Focusing farming/advisory community on the key measures of reproductive success and underlying principles for achievement. Numerous roadshow presentations, industry articles and technical contributions to industry level performance benchmarks and monitoring systems. Senior author of the InCalf Book for New Zealand dairy farmers, and the InCalf Herd Assessment Pack tools. Co-trainer of the InCalf Adviser Training Course, and InCalf Farmer Action Group training.

Science: Team Leader - Reproduction at DairyNZ, Authorship of 43 A1 science papers, eight book chapters, 75 conference proceedings, and 22 science abstracts. Project Manager of Impact Statement 2 (Fertility) in the MBIE Pillars Partnership programme. Technical advisor to the DairyNZ InCalf programme. Member of the Australia/New Zealand/Ireland/Great Britten Dairy Reproduction Collaboration Group. Invited speaker at the the 8th International Symposium for Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants, 3-7 Sept. 2010, Anchorage, USA.

Awards: Ruminant Reproduction Symposium Travel Award, 2010, New Zealand Society of Animal Production. The Distinguished Service Award for The NZ Dairy Industry, 2007. DairyNZ, Hamilton; Honorary memberships to Gamma Sigma Delta (2003) and Phi Kappa Phi, 2002; Nominee for the OARDC Krauss Dissertation Award, 2004, and L.E. Kunkle, Outstanding Graduate Student 2003, Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University; Young Members Award, 1995, New Zealand Society of Animal Production.

Career output summary:

Refereed papers/reviews/theses/books/book chapters


Conference proceedings/abstracts


Industry press




Other roles:

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Dairy Science. Ad hoc reviewer for Animal Reproduction Science, Theriogenology, New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Animal Production science and Livestock Science.

Local Organising Committee member (2004-2006) for 7th International Symposium for Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants held 13-17 August 2006, Te papa, Wellington.

New Zealand Society of Animal Production (NZSAP): Management Committee; Secretary 2003-05, Vice-president 2005-06, President 2006-07, Past-President 2007-08, 2008 & 2013 Conference Committee Member.