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  • Rosie's World

    Rosie's World

    The Rosie's World website educates New Zealand children on the importance of the dairy industry through videos, activities, interactive games and blogs.

  • Rosie's Education website

    Rosie's Education

    Rosie's Education is DairyNZ's educational programme targeting school children from year 0 - 11. It is aimed at helping kids understand where milk comes from and what a varied, interesting and significant industry dairying in New Zealand is.

  • Getting the cows in


    GoDairy provides a general guide to the New Zealand public on dairy farming and the contribution the industry makes to the country.

  • Dairy at Work

    This site helps us tell our dairy stories. Here you can find out about dairy farmer and dairy industry initiatives, our contribution to the community and the part we play in our economy.

  • Discussion Groups

    Dairy Training Ltd

    Dairy Training Ltd delivers industry training to those in the dairy industry throughout New Zealand. Training is vocational in nature, with trainees in employment while learning.