Finding Clinicals

Clinical cases of mastitis are costly and disrupt milking. Missed clinical cases increase the bulk milk SCC, spread infection to other cows and are harder to cure when they are found.

You have a problem finding clinical cases if you have:

    • Clots on the milk filter after every milking
    • SCC grades
    • SCC alerts or warnings
    • Spikes in SCC (+50,000 cells/ml)
    • Upward trend in SCC steeper than target curve - see Guideline 11.1
    • SCC above industry average - see Industry Benchmarks.
    • Above average SCC and annual clinical case below average - see  Industry Benchmarks

Your options include:

  • Work out value of improving mastitis control. Go to SmartSAMM Gap Calculator.
  • Strip herd to find missed clinicals. See:
    • Healthy Udder - Find 1 for finding clinicals
    • Guideline 4.2 for defining clinical cases for treatment
    • Guideline 5.2 for ways to strip whole herd.
  • Find high SCC cows. Arrange an emergency herd test or check herd with an RMT (Rapid Mastitis Test). Closer inspection may reveal clinical signs. See:
  • Get help - a second pair of eyes (vet, milk quality advisor) can help spot problems with your systems. Go to: