Crisis Priority Checklist

What are your immediate, top priorities in a crisis? You may not have time to search the web in a crisis situation, so print this out now and put it somewhere handy.


  • Where are family and staff?
  • Who needs to be contacted, how can they be contacted, and who will do it? 
  • Will anybody need help? 
  • How will they get home? 


  • How safe are they, and for how long?
  • Is the water supply adequate?
  • Do they need shifting, feed, shelter?
  • Will they stray if electric fences are shorting or not working?
  • Can they be milked as normal?
  • Are boundary fences intact?
  • Don't forget your dogs, chooks and pets.


  • Is the power off or likely to go off?
  • Is it a general power cut, or is it just your farm?  Is it just one phase, or all three?
  • Has the power company been contacted?  How long before the power is likely to come back on?
  • Is an emergency generator available?
  • What is the highest priority for the generator?  Vat refrigeration? Water pumping? Household use? Milking?


  • Are landlines working?  Remember, cordless phones depend on mains power, so have at least one standard phone that does not require power
  • Are cellphones working?  Keep yours with you.
  • Are neighbours' phones working?
  • Do you have a walkie-talkie that can be used?


  • Have someone listen to a battery powered radio for weather updates and emergency information - a transistor, car or cellphone radio.

Feed supplies

  • How are the pastures affected?
  • How much supplementary feed is on hand?  What type is it?


  • What damage has occurred?
  • What needs to be done immediately?
  • Who will do it?


  • Are vehicles or tractors usable?
  • Are drives/tracks clear?
  • Are the roads open?


  • Are neighbours ok?
  • Can they help?
  • Do other people in more vulnerable situations need help?

Emergency contacts

Compile your own list here:

Power company:
0800 656 568
Phone company:
DairyNZ: 0800 4 324 7969
Insurance company:
Pump specialist:
Dead stock collection/burial contractors:
District Council:
Federated Farmers: 0800 327 6464
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF)
Rural Support Trust:
0508 376 8448