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What's in it for you? How is my farm data used? Join Baseline

DairyNZ's Baseline Project is an extension of DairyBase that collects detailed data from dairy farmers, beyond the usual feed and fertiliser use. This comprehensive information helps respond to policy pressures, like water quality and greenhouse gas legislation, and contributes to wider dairy industry statistics. By participating, you'll receive personal DairyBase physical and financial reports and an annual Overseer report.

Dairy farmers are invited to participate in DairyNZ’s Baseline Project. The project is an extension of DairyBase, and provides invaluable data to the dairy industry.

Your data will be collected annually by one of our data specialists, this is a completely free service, and our specialists are always happy to work around timelines that best suit you. Collection begins in June/July.

What's in it for you?

  • Annual completed Overseer file you can share with your dairy company or farm advisors; no need to provide your data multiple times.
  • Free farm analysis - DairyBase physical and financial benchmarked reports.
  • Industry good - Feel good knowing your data is helping other farmers and the wider sector and giving DairyNZ the opportunity to lobby on your behalf in policy and advocacy.

How is my farm data used?

Your farm data will continue to help DairyNZ to:

  • Respond to policy issues including water quality policies set by regional councils under the National Policy for Freshwater Management (NPSFM), greenhouse gas legislation, and to advocate on farmers’ behalf.
  • Contribute to dairy industry statistics and benchmarking.
  • Continue to build on the industry good information we already have and help keep New Zealand dairy farmers at the forefront of the world dairy industry.
  • All information provided to DairyBase/Baseline is confidential.

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Last updated: Sep 2023

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