Spring Rotation Planner Tool

Grazing management during and after calving largely determines production to Christmas and how well the cows are fed at mating.

The Spring Rotation Planner takes the guesswork out of grazing management over this critical period in the early spring. Follow the steps below to design your own plan.

Farm Name

Step 1

Step 2

  • Date when you expect your herd to start calving (this is the date when the MA cows are to start calving)
  • Round length immediately before the planned start of calving

    Note: The rotation length at the start of calving is normally 100 days. Lower stocked farms may start at 80 days.

Step 3

  • Date when you expect pasture supply to equal demand (balance date)
  • Round length through the bulk of spring

    Note:The rotation length at balance date is usually 20-25 days. Lower stocked farms or farms with using high amounts of supplements may go to an 18 day round. Farms that are subject to very volatile growth rates (one week 80 kg DM/ha the next week 20 kg DM/ha) tend to have a slower rotation (23-25 days) at balance date as do high stocked farms.

Step 4

  • Opening Target Pasture Cover - kg DM/ha.

    Note: The opening cover should be the target cover required at calving not the actual cover at calving. Refer to FarmFacts 1.13 for more information.

Step 5

  • Cover at Balance date (when feed supply equals demand) Note: Refer Farm Fact 1.84 to calculate

SRP - Rotation Length (Round length days)

SRP - Area Grazed Per Day (ha)

Target Average Pasture Cover (kg DM/ha)


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Tips for using the SRP

One of the tools to help farmers during this critical period is DairyNZ's Spring Rotation Planner.

APC at balance date

Achieving the target average pasture cover at balance date is important to ensure that the cows have sufficient high quality pasture in peak production months and during mating.
DairyNZ Consulting Officers

Need more support?

The DairyNZ consulting officer team can offer support and advice around the use of the Spring Rotation Planner. Contact a consulting officer near you or 0800 4 324 7969.