Reducing Nitrate Leaching, Tony Dodunski (Canterbury)


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Beaumaris Dairies, owned by the Dodunski Family since 2017 and managed by Tony, is in a Cultural Sensitive Zone. Here, the main concerns are Phosphorus, Mahinga Kai, and heavy soils. They've built a feedpad to tackle these challenges and continue with plantings. Tony emphasises reducing their environmental footprint while still maximising profit. This farm, spanning 221.5 ha, has several irrigation systems and features like a feed pad and poor drainage. They've made various practice changes to lessen environmental impacts, such as optimising nitrogen management. They have achieved significant reductions in nitrate leaching.

Beaumaris Dairies was purchased by the Dodunski Family in June 2017, and is managed by Tony. The farm is in the Cultural Sensitive Zone, and it’s challenges are more related to Phosphorus, Mahinga Kai, and heavy soils than Nitrogen. A feedpad has been built to  assist with this, and plantings are continuing.

"Farming in an environmentally sensitive area, part of our business philosophy is to embrace and actively engage in ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Through being part of this project we are learning and being exposed to new ideas and systems of reducing our footprint while maximising profit." – Tony Dodunski

Farm information


180 ha milking platform, total 221.5 ha


Predominantly Gamm and Average PAW0-60 121 mm

Farm System:

3.7 cows/ha, 12.7 tDM/ha pasture harvested


66% pivots, 22% rotorainer, 4% k-line, 3% travelling irrigator, 5% dryland

Relevant Features: Cultural Sensitive Zone, feed pad, heavy soils and poor drainage 

Practice changes to reduce environmental impacts

Completed/Ongoing **& Future

  • Drain management
  • Feedpad construction
  • Planting
  • Optimised nitrogen management on effluent blocks
  • Optimised fodder beet management
  • Irrigation testing and efficiencies

Nitrate Leaching Progress

Baseline 2009-2013: 32

Current 2018/19: 17 (-47%)

Target 2022: 23 (-30%)

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Last updated: Aug 2023
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