DairyNZ’s school farm visits

Thanks to the help of volunteer farmers, DairyNZ’s School Farm Visits provide children with a unique and memorable on-farm experience.

Inviting children, teachers and parents into a real-life dairy farming experience gives them an opportunity to form beliefs around dairy farming and talk to a farmer about topics they are curious about.

Teachers who have been working with the DairyNZ Schools resources and teaching modules can apply to visit a local farm so that children can experience what they’ve learnt in the classroom in a real farm environment. The field trips are a fantastic learning experience to complement and reinforce the children’s classroom work.

Watch as the children from Fairhaven Primary School, Te Puke, visit Richard and Amy Fowler's farm to learn all about dairying.

Increasing dairy farming content in schools

Designed to improve children’s understanding of dairy farming and spark their interest in dairying as a career, DairyNZ’s in-school education programme, DairyNZ Schools, provides teachers with free, curriculum-based online learning resources and 'hands-on' classroom kits in partnership with the House of Science.

Raumati Beach School deciding which breakfast ingredient would make the best ice cream.

  • The learning resources align with the New Zealand school curriculum for years 1-8 and aim to help children learn about dairy farming and where milk comes from, as well as introducing dairying as a career option.
  • DairyNZ Schools includes resources within the curriculum areas of science, maths, English, technology, economics and geography and uses a dairy context to teach these compulsory curriculum areas.
  • A downloadable version of each learning resource can be found on the DairyNZ Schools website.
  • DairyNZ also partners with the House of Science to increase dairy farming content in schools. Four dairy-related learning kits are available to member schools. The kits are Moo to You, Water Analysis, Climate Change and Soil Secrets.

Connecting New Zealand kids to dairy

Video 1:55 min

Rosie's World

The Rosie's World website educates children about the New Zealand dairy sector through videos, activities, interactive games, recipes and blogs.

Rosie's World is the home of Rosie, New Zealand's dairy industry 'Cowbassador'. She is the young, enthusiastic face of New Zealand’s 4.7 million dairy cows.

Rosie’s engagement with children through the website, media and events, is part of DairyNZ’s education programme, which is all about connecting children with dairy farming and helping them learn where their milk comes from.

Rosie’s World is a safe, educational and fun website where children can learn what happens on a dairy farm, how farmers care for their land and animals, dairy nutrition and what it’s like to be a dairy farmer. There’s plenty of dairy-related fun to keep the kids busy, from arts and crafts, colouring templates and games, to videos, picture books and kid-friendly recipes.