Effluent Training Courses


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Effluent Training Courses for the farm team Effluent Training Courses for rural professionals NZMPTA FDE Hydraulic Design

Effluent training courses are educational programmes aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge necessary for dairy farm effluent management. Various organisations offer these courses, targeted mainly at the effluent service industry, but they are also attended by farmers. Whether you're a farm manager, sharemilker, or involved in the design and installation of Farm Dairy Effluent Systems, you can find courses tailored to your needs. These trainings are essential to maximise profits and meet high standards in handling dairy farm waste, with options available for the whole farm team and rural professionals.

There are a range of training courses offered by different organisations, most are targeted for effluent service industry however farmers have attended as well.

Effluent training courses for the farm team

Gain the knowledge and skills your business needs to maximise profits and meet the highest standards of dairy farm effluent management.

Primary ITO offers courses in:

  • Effluent management planning (For farm managers and sharemilkers)
  • Dealing with dairy farm effluent (For the whole farm team)

Visit the Primary ITO website for full course information.

Effluent Training Courses for rural professionals

Massey University Farm Dairy Effluent: System Design and Management

This is a three day short course for industry practitioners, rural professionals, regulatory and governance personnel and scientists engaged in providing advice relating to the design, management and auditing of farm dairy effluent (FDE) systems.

For further information visit the Massey University website.

NZMPTA FDE Hydraulic Design

This three-day course has been developed for those involved in the design and installation of Farm Dairy Effluent Systems to improve their design skills and align more closely with the new FDE Design Code of Practice and Standards

For further information visit the NZMPTA website.

Last updated: Aug 2023

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