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The Healthy Hoof Programme is dedicated to preventing lameness in dairy cows. This page introduces a structured approach to manage lameness, using five key steps. By taking part, you'll gain from a three-day workshop designed to equip you with skills to tackle this issue on your farm. The programme, influenced by lameness expert Neil Chesterton and other professionals, aims to not just reduce costs related to lameness but also boost staff performance through education. When you join, you'll collaborate with trained experts, giving you the confidence to address lameness more effectively. Training sessions are available, with more details provided by the New Zealand Veterinary Association.

What is the Healthy Hoof Programme?

The Healthy Hoof Programme focuses on prevention of lameness with information and training on management and treatment.

The programme is a simple, stepwise approach to managing lameness on dairy farms caused by physical factors. It consists of five key steps that each farm takes with the support of a trained programme provider. This three day practical and interactive workshop is designed to give you the skills to deliver the Healthy Hoof programme to help your farming clients prevent and reduce lameness.

Based on the work of New Zealand's own world renowned lameness specialist, Neil Chesterton, Healthy Hoof has been developed in consultation with vets as well as local and international lameness experts.

Participating farmers tell us the programme's benefits reach further than cost savings from reduced lameness. They also value improved staff performance due to the education and training provided. The clear actions agreed in conjunction with a trained specialist give them more confidence to act and address their lameness problem.

Healthy Hoof Steps Sm

Register for the Healthy Hoof Programme

Note: Please first choose a trained Healthy Hoof Provider in your area to work with.


Providers of training

The New Zealand Veterinary Association is now delivering this training. There is an upcoming session planned for 20-22 November 2024 in Culverden. More details can be found on the New Zealand Vets Association website.

About the training

Internationally recognised lameness expert, Neil Chesterton, delivers classroom and on-farm training on lameness theory, observing cow flow and herd management, treating lame cows (including iv anaesthesia), track and shed design and conducting a lameness investigation.

This knowledge is then complemented with training delivered by DairyNZ on understanding how to influence change with your dairy farming clients using the Healthy Hoof programme.

Attendees will be able to produce an effective report, understand how to deliver training to clients, appreciate their marketing and coaching role and have access to Healthy Hoof tools, on-going support and DairyNZ resources.

Healthy Hoof Provider publications and documents

Farm Diagnosis and Action Plans

Prevention Training Pack

Contact us

For any enquiries about the Healthy Hoof Programme plese email healthyhoof@dairynz.co.nz

Last updated: Aug 2023

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