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Healthy Udder Service is a system designed to improve udder health in your herd and reduce mastitis. It involves working with a veterinarian to identify areas for improvement, create policies and procedures, and provide ongoing support. You can use this service at different stages like dry off, before calving, or during lactation to prepare your team and enhance milk quality. It's well-received by farmers who report better teamwork and results in their dairy production. Speak to your vet to learn more and explore options suitable for your farm.

Every farm stands to gain from less mastitis. Healthy Udder Service creates systems that are right for your herd and team.

How it works

A Healthy Udder Service veterinarian works with the herd owner to:

  • Identify goals and prioritise areas for improvement
  • Develop policies and procedures, supported by skills training
  • Review progress and provide on-going support.

Use Healthy Udder Service

  • at dry off - to prepare the herd and team
  • before calving - to prepare the milking team for calving
  • during lactation - after a mastitis investigation or milk quality review to improve udder health

Take action

  • Talk to your vet about Healthy Udder Service.
  • Click on the below for a list of vet practices offering Healthy Udder Service.

Most of these vets are also accredited to carry out detailed mastitis investigations.

What farmers are saying

"Everyone is on the same page when it comes to milking the cows and dealing with mastitis."

"My team are working much better together - they all know what to do, how to do it and why we do it."

"Couldn't do it without it - we've had more milk in the vat, fewer mistakes, and less clinicals this season."


Healthy Udder Service was developed with funding from New Zealand dairy farmers through DairyNZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries through the Sustainable Farming Fund.

Last updated: Aug 2023

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