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DairyNZ has partnered with Business Torque Systems Ltd to deliver the Rural Governance Development Programme (RGDP).

This multi-day programme is designed for decision-makers from all types of rural businesses, including dairy farms, who want to grow their governance knowledge and skills.

The programme is also designed for farmers who are considering succession planning but are unsure how to involve their whole family. It provides a safe space for collaboration and communication. This inclusive approach nurtures diverse thinking, essential for driving innovation and continual improvement in business.

Grow your business

Gain a better understanding of governance and how it can empower business owners, directors, and managers to make decisions. Businesses come together safely and effectively, especially when big decisions need to be made, like succession planning. This programme highlights the challenge of broadening business thinking and involving the entire family in decision-making to ensure diversity of thought, which is crucial for innovation and continual improvement.

For those contemplating major changes, especially in rural settings, understanding the dynamics of succession becomes even more crucial. Receive practical advice and ongoing support, which are essential in overcoming challenges and finding sustainable solutions. Creating a safe zone for collaboration and communication ensures that everyone feels empowered to contribute to success, ultimately leading to a thriving and resilient business.

About the Rural Governance Development Programme

This multi-day programme equips decision-makers with governance knowledge and skills consisting of five group workshops spread over 10 months. Before beginning, each participant completes an assessment of governance strengths and weaknesses. This analysis informs the learning process and is repeated at the close of the programme to measure growth. Each intake is limited to 24 participants from five to eight businesses.

You will meet like-minded individuals who can provide valuable insights and opportunities for peer evaluation and innovation. Success isn't solely defined by financial gains; other factors such as collaboration, communication, and overcoming challenges also contribute to overall success. Mentoring and coaching play significant roles in navigating the complexities of succession planning and building an enterprising family business.

Key outcomes

  • Growth in the governance capability
  • Increased confidence among leadership
  • Bring the whole family into future decision-making
  • Foster diversity of thought within the governance group and business
  • Stabilisation of business performance: despite external forces, businesses produce financially sustainable results
  • Reduced interest rates by bank managers and increased investor confidence, due to decreased risk
  • Clarified core purpose and development of long-term strategies to achieve performance goals
  • Provide a safe zone for collaboration and communication, so that critical reflection, openness to scrutiny and robust decision-making can flourish
  • Unified team members with shared goals, and strategies to carry out those goals as a group
  • Sustainable increases in profitability for those who apply the practices diligently over time.
  • Real, practical advice and ongoing support

What's included

The course cost covers speakers, facilitators, catering, venue, and course materials for the full 5 days of the course, specifically:

  • All course materials including reference material and workbook
  • Two Business Torque® Governance Evaluations for each paid participant
  • Morning and afternoon tea, and lunch for days 1-5

Participants will need to book and pay for their own travel, accommodation, breakfast, and dinner.

2024 Course dates

Rural Governance Development Programme start dates:

  • Christchurch, days 1 and 2: 2-3 July 2024
  • Taupo, days 1 and 2: 9-10 July 2024

Download the Rural Governance Development Programme information pack.

Places are limited to a maximum of 24 participants for each meeting (from five to eight businesses) to ensure a small group atmosphere is maintained. Additional programmes and locations will be added based on demand. We can come to you if you have a group of six or more people.

Visit the Business Torque Systems website

Meet the presenter

Peter Allen was raised in a home where the family business was lived and breathed around the kitchen table. Peter’s first business venture - looking after racehorses - failed, resulting in him and his wife losing everything in the financial crash of 1987. Peter recognised the poor decision-making that led to the business’ failure and started again, passionate about teaching others the skills needed for effective decision-making.

Peter Allen, Principal of Business Torque Systems Limited.

Peter now has over 18 years of experience in the field of governance. He is a governance expert, advisor, mentor, educator, and innovator. Peter’s passion is to work with people who want to learn good governance practices. He actively researches, develops, and advocates a style of governance that is suitable and effective for New Zealand businesses. In addition to working with a range of sectors including farming, growing, and exporting, Peter works with several Maori trusts and SMEs around the country. He also sits on the boards of several businesses. Peter lives in Palmerston North with his wife of 40 years, Alex. He has four children and one young grandson.

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