Designed for business owners who have a particular equity goal and want to determine if they are on track, the 10-year forecast equity tool is also useful for those who simply want to see what will happen to their current equity if they alter aspects of income and expenditure.

How does equity forecasting work?

Small changes to farm performance (income and expenditure) can significantly impact a business and its equity growth over time. 

Equity forecasting is based on assumptions such as milk price, interest rates, inflation, capital gain etc. which are very difficult to predict. Please use this tool with caution.

Using the tool

Current financial information including cashflow budget, balance sheet and stock reconciliation are required. This information can be sourced from DairyBase Full Financial Reports, Annual Accounts, and Cashflow Reports generated by cash management programs.

The 10-year equity forecast tool allows the inclusion of personal and off-farm assets and liabilities outside the business to gain a complete picture of your business and personal equity or wealth.

Need support using the tool?

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The following farm business assessment offerings have integrated the 10-year equity forecast tool: