Designed for farmers and industry professionals, the DairyNZ Econ Tracker was created to support informed decision-making with data when it comes to financial planning, forecasting and budgeting.

The tool offers critical information on international market trends and New Zealand farm and sector economics from DairyNZ and other trusted third-party sources. Information within the tool is updated quarterly.

As of 26 March 2024, the Econ Tracker has been updated to reflect current economic conditions.

Key updates and forecast for the 2023-24 season reflect:

  • A reduction in feed and fertiliser prices.
  • Improved revenue projections following global dairy auction results and Fonterra’s adjusted projected payout for the season.
  • Updates to national and regional Breakeven Milk Prices (BEMP).

Discover the DairyNZ Econ Tracker tool

  • Farm economics data: a snapshot of farm-level key performance indicators and important historical trends.
  • Sector economics data: a high-level outlook on the New Zealand dairy sector.
  • International markets data: key statistics from international markets influencing the New Zealand dairy sector.

Need support using the tool?

To better understand your farm system and it's performance so you can easily compare against information in the DairyNZ Econ Tracker, check out DairyBase.

Mark Storey interview - Field days

Listen to Mark Storey, head of economics at DairyNZ explain how you can get economic data related to the dairy sector right now.

Audio: 11 minutes