People Gauge

Identify strengths and weaknesses in your work environment by answering a range of multi-choice questions. Determine how well you are doing in each category, find areas for improvement, and monitor your progress.

Workplace 360 is a work environment and leadership assessment tool.

Taking the assessment helps to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in a work environment
  • Show where to start making changes
  • Help monitor progress

Workplace 360 is based on the 5 pillars of the Workplace Action Plan:

  • Balanced and productive work time
  • Fair Remuneration
  • Wellness, Wellbeing, Health and Safety
  • Effective Team Culture
  • Rewarding Careers

Within each pillar there are two levels of performance: Basics and Good practice. If you pass the good practice level (verified by an external people management professional), then you can be certified as a Good Employer.

Tell us about you and your farm

Farm Details

Is this a self assessment or being completed by an HR professional?

You can do a self assessment or external assessment. We recommend an external assessment as it provides and independent perspective and the confidentiality encourages employees to comment honestly.

Set your Goal/Priority

Why do I need to set my goal/priority

The priority will determine the order of the pillars

Before you start

Please have these documents ready as you progress with the assessment.