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The Mastitis Focus report helps you manage mastitis in your herd. This two-page report identifies problem areas and risks to udder health, letting you and your veterinary advisers track changes. It helps you recognise mastitis problems early, assess key management areas, and monitor the success of strategies. The report uses data like cow SCC from herd testing and treatment records. This allows you to understand how quickly mastitis is spreading in your herd and strengthens your partnership with your vet for prevention. Resources are available to help you interpret and use the Mastitis Focus report.

Make sense of mastitis in your herd with the Mastitis Focus report.

Mastitis Focus is a two page report designed to help you make better decisions about mastitis management in your herd. The report identifies problem areas and potential risks to udder health, and gives you and your veterinary advisers a way of tracking progress in the herd after changes are made.

Track udder health

In the past, it was difficult to recognise mastitis problems in herds until an outbreak occurred. But now the Mastitis Focus report gives you the ability to effectively track the udder health of your herd.

The report allows you to:

  • Assess and prioritise key mastitis management areas
  • Detect emerging problems earlier.

It provides information about:

  • The success of previous drying-off strategies
  • Clinical case management
  • Keeping tabs on the spread of infection through the herd.

Make sense of routinely collected data

Mastitis Focus uses:

  • Cow SCC from herd testing.
  • Dry cow treatment records.
  • Clinical mastitis treatment records.

Herd testing farms are at an advantage as cow SCC information is readily available. These records are used to assess how quickly mastitis is spreading in your herd.

Electronic recording of dry cow and clinical treatment details, through your herd improvement organisation, enhances the power of Mastitis Focus.

Strengthen the partnership with your veterinarian

Mastitis Focus allows you to better use your vet's expertise for the prevention of mastitis rather than just treating mastitis once it is present.

How to get a Mastitis Focus Report

The Mastitis Focus report is available to your vet through Infovet. Ask your vet if they can use Infovet in their business.

Mastitis Focus resources:

A number of DairyNZ SmartSamm resources are available to help interpret and use the Mastitis Focus report.


  • SmartSAMM acknowledges CRV Ambreed and Cognosco for helping validate Mastitis Focus for New Zealand conditions.
  • Mastitis Focus was originally developed for the Countdown programme by Dairy Australia and the Dairy Herd Improvement Fund. Mastitis Focus was custom-designed by Mike Larcombe, a consultant with HICO, Maffra, Victoria.
Last updated: Sep 2023
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