Stand-off Pad


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Benefits of stand-off pads Do I need a stand-off pad?

A stand-off pad is a drained area where you can keep your livestock for extended periods when pastures aren't suitable. The pad isn't generally for feeding, but rather a place for animals to lie down. This page explains the benefits and factors to consider before investing in a stand-off pad.

A stand-off pad is a purpose built, drained loafing area where stock can be held for long periods when it is not suitable to have them on pasture.

In most cases, stand-off pads are not a place to feed animals but a large area for stock to lie down. It may however be next to a feeding area.

Benefits of stand-off pads

  • Less pugging of paddocks and better production as a result
  • Better management of nutrients
  • Better pasture management by extending rotation
  • Prevents cows lying down on paddocks instead of feeding

Do I need a stand-off pad?

A stand-off pad may add value to your farm system if you have problems with the following:

  • Soil structure problems or pugging of paddocks
  • Pasture damage due to wet conditions
  • Slow pasture regrowth after winter and spring grazings
  • Having to renew pastures more frequently than you would like to
  • Damaging laneways from standing cows on them
  • Problems with lameness and mastitis during/ following wet periods
  • Animal health and welfare concerns due to your current wet weather practices
  • Managing nutrient loss from your property
Last updated: Sep 2023

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