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As part of two engagements campaigns in 2023, Environment Canterbury (ECan) asked the community for their views on a range of environmental issues and possible ways these could be managed. DairyNZ provided feedback in both rounds of consultation and will participate in any upcoming discussions if the opportunity arises.

The responses collected in the engagement programme will inform the development of the new Regional Policy Statement and Climate Action plans for Canterbury. These are documents that will influence environmental policies and actions and help inform a number of other ECan work programmes for years to come.

You can download and read the reports summarising feedback from the consultation with the community here: Lets pick a path | Have Your Say (ecan.govt.nz)

The DairyNZ contribution so far

  • We provided feedback to ECan on visions and values in the first round of consultation. ECan summarised all the feedback they received in the first consultation in a report.
  • We participated with other invited organisations in summits around the region to give our view on the topics consulted on in the second round of consultation.
  • DairyNZ also provided written feedback with our view and will continue discussing our position and concerns with ECan in separate meetings if the opportunity arises.

What are the next steps?

Feedback from this process will guide ECan’s thinking for the development of objectives and policies in the Regional Policy Statement (RPS) and for the two Climate Change action plans. The RPS will then be formally notified and opened for official consultation in late 2024. You will have another chance to provide feedback at this point.

DairyNZ will participate in this next process and present our case during hearings.


Early 2024

ECan will be sharing what they have learnt so far.

March 2024

Draft Long Term Plan public consultation, which will outline proposals on how to fund the proposed actions, for example via rates increases. The public consultation period will run from 13 March 2024 until 14 April 2024.

July 2024

The Canterbury Regional Council (Environment Canterbury) Climate Action Plan will be presented to the Council.

August 2024

The Waitaha/Canterbury Climate Partnership Plan is due to be shared with the Canterbury Mayoral Forum.

December 2024

Draft Regional Policy Statement (RPS) public consultation.

Questions on this topic?

DairyNZ contact person:
Carina Ross
Senior Regional Policy Advisor

Last updated: Mar 2024
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