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The latest Animal Evaluation run took place on 10 November 2023 (the next run is on 8 December 2023).

We're working towards a better BW

The introduction of an independent, accessible and internationally competitive breeding worth system is about improving profits for dairy farmers and improving the Kiwi dairy herd as a whole.

Tips and tricks:

  • Check out how the sires rank here, and start building a bull team.
  • This selection tool doesn’t include traits where the ‘mid-point’ is optimal (i.e. teat placement) head over to the bull team builder to refine your team for these traits
  • Want to know what criteria you should set? Check out our Animal Stats page to see the BVs of top-ranking bulls and cows
  • This tool includes every bull enrolled with Animal Evaluation in NZ. If you can’t find a bull that you are interested in, get in touch with the marketer and let them know that you would like the bull to be enrolled. Marketers pay a fee to enroll bulls, and this is a key funding stream for NZAEL.

Download the BW Bull File. This file includes all Animal Evaluation (AE) enrolled sires, regardless of their age, BW Reliability or a number of daughters. The size of this file is approximately 15MB so it may take a while to download.