This is a financial tool. It estimates the relative profitability of different catch crop options.

The gross margins (revenue minus costs) and cents per kg dry matter of catch crops can be used to compare different crops.

The numbers will vary depending on the yield and how the crop fits into an individual farm system, which is influenced by the catch crop sowing date, the timing of feed requirements, and the sowing date of the following crop or pasture.

Gross margin is the difference between estimated income and variable costs. Fixed overheads are not included as they will be incurred regardless of the crop.

How to use the catch crop gross margin calculator

  1. Open the spreadsheet using the link below.
  2. An example calculation is shown on the left-hand side of the spreadsheet.
  3. Use the blank template on the right-hand side for your own calculation.
  4. Add data to the light green fields surrounded by a border.
  5. Use the TAB key on your keyboard to easily jump between the data fields.
  6. Once you've added data, you'll see total expenditure, c/kg DM, and the gross margin for the crop you've entered.