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Erosion control is the practice of preventing sediment and nutrients from entering waterways, preserving your valuable topsoil. This page highlights that reducing erosion leads to improved grass growth and milk production by keeping topsoil in paddocks. Moreover, it enhances water quality and provides shade and shelter for stock when you use erosion-control trees like hybrid willows and poplars. This helps you protect your farmland and boost its productivity in the long run. Take action now to reduce erosion and reap the benefits.

Taking action to reduce erosion will prevent sediment and nutrients from entering waterways and protect valuable topsoil.

Benefits of reducing erosion

  • Keeping topsoil in paddocks is beneficial for grass growth and milk production.
  • Water quality is improved by reducing the amount of sediments entering waterways.
  • Erosion-control trees such as hybrid willows and poplars provide shade and shelter for stock.

Click through the sliders below for information about how to avoid or minimise erosion.

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Last updated: Sep 2023

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