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Building a Resilient Team and Business for the Future


13 March 2024

Event Time

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Event Type

Seasonal Group


Nick and Kirsty Verhoek, 122 No 9 East Road, Waitoa, Tatua 146

Why Attend?

Farming out of the box in pursuit of 2,500kgMs/ha by doing things differently

Come join us on farm with Nick and Kirsty Verhoek to look into how they run a very successful farming business and how they sometimes do things "a little out of the box" on farm.

We are going to delve into their farming system to find out how they run a highly efficient high input system with clear goals as to what they want to achieve.

Find out how they have reduced wastage to the minimum with no bobby calves or cull cows and how they use breeding to achieve a polled herd by using sexed semen and gene marking

Come along to share your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to seeing you there!

Lunch will be provided.

Protect our industry - please arrive with clean boots to prevent the spread of disease, pest or weed.

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February 2024