“Now is the time when dairy farmers are preparing to get more staff on-farm before calving, so we are encouraging farmers to get their job vacancies online as the sector gears up to recruit,” says DairyNZ lead advisor for people, Jane Muir.

“Many farms continue to be short-staffed, so the upcoming GoDairy campaign will help connect committed Kiwis with available on-farm jobs, sending active job seekers to Farm Source to apply for roles.”

Prior to the campaign launch, farmers are encouraged to get their vacancies up on Farm Source. Any New Zealand dairy farmer can list their job vacancies for free at nzfarmsource.co.nz/jobs.

“Having all current vacancies listed online helps jobseekers understand what jobs are available and help them see which ones look like a fit for them,” says Ms Muir.

“Job advertisements are a great opportunity to highlight what makes your farm unique and a great place to work, and to give people a sense of your vision and values so they get a feel for what it might be like as part of your team.”

The GoDairy campaign advertisements will encourage people to consider a career change, by highlighting the lifestyle and job opportunities dairy offers.

“GoDairy is helping attract Kiwi workers to start a dairy career, to continue building a sustainable and thriving dairy sector, and ultimately helps reduce the current workforce shortage,” says Ms Muir.

DairyNZ offers a range of tools and advice on recruitment, onboarding new employees and creating a great workplace to retain staff online at dairynz.co.nz/people.

To find out more about the GoDairy campaign visit godairy.co.nz.

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