If a New Zealand Government is going to price agricultural emissions, then the pricing system must be fair and practical for dairy farmers. DairyNZ will work with any government that is focused on reducing on-farm emissions and finding ways to help farmers achieve that, in a practical and sensible way.

“We know that putting farming into the Emissions Trading Scheme will deliver poor outcomes for farmers, New Zealand and global targets if it exports production to less efficient countries,” says DairyNZ chair Jim van der Poel.

“Both technology and targets are an important part of getting a system right and ensuring agriculture plays its part. Pricing was looked at to facilitate the necessary behaviour change. Pricing will only achieve outcomes if cost-effective tools and technology are available.

“Dairy farmers are already world leading – because of that, we need to continue to invest in new technology and mitigation options to hold that position.

“Before any emissions pricing system is introduced, there must be clarity about emissions targets and how any pricing mechanism will work, along with how all these factors work together. We must get the details right.”

Along with being fair and practical for farmers, any pricing system should only generate enough revenue to enable dairy farmers to meet reduction targets – via incentives for reducing emissions on the farm.

DairyNZ continues to research tools and technologies to support dairy farmers to reduce emissions. Science and information have advanced rapidly in recent years, with technology showing promising ways for the sector to reduce environmental footprint and stay internationally competitive.

“We stand by the principles of a practical, fair and cost-effective framework for reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions at farm level and an alternative to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme,” Mr van der Poel says.

“We will support a pricing proposal that meets these principles and gives farmers access to the tools and technologies they need to reduce on-farm emissions.”

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13 Jun 2023


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