“We are thrilled to have Alyce join us from her most recent position as director for Future of Food at Monitor Deloitte in Amsterdam. Alyce was raised and worked on a dairy farm in Taranaki, bringing hands-on experience of the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges facing our sector, and an optimistic outlook of what we can achieve,” says Dr Mackle.

“We are lucky to have someone with a global perspective and wealth of knowledge join our leadership team, as DairyNZ continues to work with farmers to deliver our vision of a better future for New Zealand dairy farmers.”

Alyce will be focused on delivering solutions for on-farm capability and consider how DairyNZ can engage and partner better with farmers.

“One focus for Alyce will be on closing the labour and skills shortage gap, which continues to be a key concern for farmers. She will be helping our team to deliver solutions that attract and retain people in dairy farming. This includes our Great Futures in Dairying plan, to shape dairy as a competitive career option through a range of workplace and technological advances.”

Alyce is excited to be returning to her farming roots and having the opportunity to support farmers, helping them feel more confident about the sector’s direction.

“Farmers are facing some difficult times, with a more volatile climate, changing consumer demands and government requirements, both on a national and international scale,” says Alyce.

“My work will help support farmers through some of these key challenges, while also opening new opportunities. I want to help build a resilient and successful dairy sector, where dairy farming is a career people are proud of.”

DairyNZ strategy and investment leader, Alyce Butler.

Alyce’s background in providing strategic advice to many of the largest food and agriculture players in New Zealand and internationally, including driving strategic partnerships to solve complex sector-wide challenges, will be a great asset to help deliver a better future for dairy farmers.

She also graduated with a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, from Victoria University of Wellington, and is a Chartered accountant.

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