We are aware of a current scam that is claiming to be DairyNZ offering farmers investment advice and seeking payment. Our team has reported this and is working to have the scam shutdown.

Scams that claim to be DairyNZ may occur on any digital channel, at any time. To help keep you safe online, here’s what to look for to identify a potential scam.

DairyNZ will never:

  • Ask for usernames or passwords via phone, email or SMS
  • Offer investment advice
  • Ask you to pay for investment advice

How to identify a potential scam:

  • DairyNZ email addresses will all end with @dairynz.co.nz
  • Our official website can be found at dairynz.co.nz
  • Use of overseas time zones or international phone numbers

If you are ever unsure of the correct DairyNZ website adddress, use Google to search for DairyNZ.

You can report a potential scam to DairyNZ by calling 0800 4 324 7969 or email us at info@dairynz.co.nz

If you suspect you have engaged with a scam and provided personal or financial details, we urge you to contact the service provider for your online accounts in the first instance, followed by CERT NZ.

Page last updated:

5 Sep 2023