Kiwis love the water – it’s a huge part of who we are. The dairy sector openly acknowledges the role we play in affecting New Zealand’s water quality and we are openly doing something about it.

The Vision is Clear was about acknowledging the challenge that we all share in improving our waterways and celebrating the great work that has and is being done by people all over the country, including farmers.

It’s about helping us understand what part we can all play to look after our precious waterways, because if we all work together as a country, then big change can happen.

Work already underway

The dairy sector is doing great work to improve water quality, and it’s something farmers are committed to.

Water quality is a key issue for Kiwis when it comes to dairy farming and the public wants to know more. The Vision is Clear has regularly shared stories about the work farmers and others are doing to improve and sustain New Zealand’s water quality.

Leading from the front

Meet the dairy farmers helping to teach young kiwis about sustainable farming.

Watch the video here

Creating a ripple effect

An Otago community group that started with a few farmers at the pub.

Watch the video here

Walking the Talk

The dairy farmers who’ve transformed their Aka Aka wetlands.

Watch the video here

When a farm becomes a school

Prize-winning dairy farm doubles as environmental 'classroom'.

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$3m to save a river

Daunting planting project will bolster farmer group's environmental work along river.

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From willows to whitebait

Restoring farm wetlands not only protects rivers, it brings back wildlife.

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31 Aug 2023


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