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Aligned programmes Finding a Certified Consultant Whole Farm Assessment

The NZIPIM Certified Dairy Farm Systems Consultants focus on identifying risks and opportunities on farms through a whole farm systems approach, providing tailored recommendations. The certification scheme offers you confidence in the quality of advice, while also reassuring other rural professionals like councils, banks, and milk companies. DairyNZ recognises these consultants for various aligned programmes such as DairyBase report interpretation and Sustainable Milk Plans. Moreover, Whole Farm Assessments are part of the scheme, analysing physical and financial data in connection with on-farm observations and discussions. If you want a certified consultant or more information on the programme, visit the NZIPIM website.

The NZIPIM Certified Dairy Farm Systems Consultants use a whole farm systems approach to identify risks and opportunities on farm, and provide context-specific recommendations in line with the farm business strategy.

The certification scheme gives farmers confidence in the quality of the advice they receive, and gives other rural professionals such as regional councils, banks, accountants and milk companies, confidence in their referrals.

Aligned programmes

DairyNZ recognises NZIPIM Dairy Farm Systems Consultants as approved providers of DairyBase report interpretation, development of Sustainable Milk Plans, and for conducting Whole Farm Assessments.

Find a certified consultant in your area

The first group of consultants completed certification in December 2016 with further consultants currently undergoing certification. To find a certified consultant in your area, or to find out more about the programme, visit the NZIPIM website.

Whole Farm Assessment

As part of the certification scheme, DairyNZ provides training for consultants to conduct Whole Farm Assessments. The WFA combines analysis of physical and financial benchmarking data (through DairyBase) with on-farm observation and a structured discussion with the farm team covering the business objectives and management practices. Over 70 consultants have completed the training across New Zealand.

Find out more or apply for a Whole Farm Assessment on your farm here.

Last updated: Aug 2023

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