Choose from a one-page Simple Feed Budget Calculator, Simple Feed Budget with Body Condition Score (BCS) Calculator, the Monthly Feed Budget, or Annual Feed Budget. 

The Simple Feed Budget

The simple feed budget is a useful tool for proactive decision making. This budget can be used at any stage of the season but is best used as a partial budget for the following periods:

  • As an autumn budget through to June 1 or dry off cover target.
  • As a winter budget from June 1 through to Planned Start of Calving.
  • From Planned Start of Calving through to Balance Date.

Simple Feed Budget Calculator

Simple Feed Budget + BCS Calculator

Monthly feed budget

Pasture eaten and annual feed budget

This outlines feed supply and demand over a 12-month period. The annual feed budget has been combined with a pasture eaten calculator for more information on pasture eaten see  (Pasture eaten page).

Feed flow

This budget will help you determine the impact of supply and demand on average pasture cover over time. It is best suited to use in critical periods of the year when changes in average pasture cover occur quickly and the farm is being actively monitored. Generally, this is over spring and autumn. If you are looking to complete an annual budget and investigate stocking rate we suggest you use the annual pasture eaten and annual feed budget.