The Kit contains checklist and recording sheets for use during farm visits as well as the Investigation Master Sheet to help collate, interpret and prioritise information, and develop a workable plan for the farm.

The Kit consists of:

Section A: Investigation Master Sheet: To coordinate the investigation and formulate a plan of action

Sections B to M: The 12 recording sheets to gather and interpret relevant information.

Additional Information:

Technote 13 - Seek professional advice if problems exist. This technote describes how the Kit can be used.

Note: A new Kit is recommended for each investigation. In its current format, it needs to be printed and completed by hand.

For best results, print to A4 paper, double-sided, or to A3 paper, in booklet format.


DairyNZ acknowledges the Dairy Australia Countdown Programme for the original source material for the Kit, which is based on the Countdown Mastitis Investigation Pack.